Efficient With Methods
the work of SCRUM, KANBAN, and also the concept of Agite

Familiar with Southeast Asian fintech players

Experienced in compliance with module 12 of PCIDSS

Experienced in preparing proposals for BNM eMONEY and BNM payment instruments, PDPA, MSC status

Understanding the Fintech Industry for B2C, B2B, and B26

Understand the license conditions of BNM payment instruments

Efficient with BNM money services business (MSB)

Efficient with Operational Process in E-commerce, Payment Gateway solution, e-wallet, Risk management and operational compliance

Familiar with NEO Banking's operating processes which include the financial services act 2013

Competent with a range of card brands and EMVco1, EMVco2 and EMVco3 standards

Understanding the Fintech Industry for B2C, B2B, and B2G

Competent with Financial Institutions / Banks casa processes / procedures and compliance with MIGS and MPGS

Efficient with API Integration process

Understand the IoT process for VAS

Good experience in Business Development, Marketing, Sales, and Project Management