Lekir Integrated
Business Solution (LIBS)
Welcome to LiBS 👋 Where Synergy Meets Innovation!
Unlock the power of seamless business operations with Lekir Integrated Business Solution (LiBS).
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Why LiBS? 😎
Auto Synchonizes Data
LiBS is a revolutionary network that synchronizes data across all Lekir SaaS solutions, ensuring a harmonious and efficient workflow for your business.
Synchronized All Data
Data Harmony
Enjoy synchronized data across all LiBS SaaS solutions
Workflow Efficiency
Streamline your business processes for optimal efficiency
Centralized Control
Manage and monitor all solutions from a centralized dashboard.
Grow your business seamlessly with scalable solutions
Our Libs SaaS Solutions 🤩
Transforming Payment Experience
The Fastest Growing Malaysian Payment Gateway. We build a commoditized payment platform for business to thrive
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Unlock the Power of AiLibs, Your Ultimate AI Assistant
An advanced Artificial Intelligence (Ai) application that empowers businesses by generating diverse information and content.
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Empowering E-Commerce Entrepreneurs
The all-in-one online store builder for e-commerce entrepreneurs
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Transforming Payment Experience
The Fastest Growing Malaysian Payment Gateway. We build a commoditized payment platform for business to thrive
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Empowering Commerce Networks
A versatile online e-marketplace that acts as a bridge between buyers and sellers, fostering seamless transactions and connections between businesses.
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Accounify an A.i-Powered Accounting Made Simple for Entrepreneur
Accounify is a comprehensive digital accounting system that utilizes the power of A.i to assist entrepreneurs in streamlining their accounting processes.
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Streamlining HR Processes and Accounting with teams
Cloudnify offers a range of benefits to help you save time and increase productivity.
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Unleash the Future of Digital Payments

Lekir Cash is designed to cater to eWallet core functions, providing a seamless and efficient digital payment experience.
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Streamline Your Business with Urusnify
Businesses can effectively streamline their operations, improve efficiency, and unlock their full potential for growth and success.
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Elevating Legal Strategy through Advanced Case Analysis
iAdvocate is a management system designed for lawyers that provides predictive analysis of case outcomes by our AiLibs based on the data uploaded by the lawyer.
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Seamless Solutions for Restaurant Management, Start to Finish

Ordernify offers a user-friendly and efficient platform for restaurant management, including the services of the restaurant, POS, kitchen, waiter, and delivery.
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Where Synergy Meets Innovation!
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Explore the future of integrated business solutions with LiBS. Whether you're a startup or an established enterprise, LiBS adapts to your needs, providing a unified platform for a digitally empowered business.
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